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Stonehill Financial Management Association seeks to display academic achievements and corporate experiences contributed to the association by our members. Below features Newsletter Articles that symbolizes how prestigious and developed our Finance Initiative really is here at Stonehill College. We take great pride in releasing a Newsletter Article every semester allowing members an opportunity to share ideas and discoveries with the rest of the Stonehill College community. 

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Spring Newsletter

The 2024 Spring Newsletter highlights Stonehill College's New York City externship experience, diving into the opportunities that students are provided through the Meehan School of Business Externship program.


Fall Networking Dinner

The 2023 Fall Networking Dinner consisted of over 10 Alumni visiting Stonehill College to offer an invaluable opportunity for Meehan School of Business students. The professional networking dinner allowed students to connect, learn, and expand their professional horizons in the field of Finance. Overall, it was a pivotal moment for students to interact with industry professionals and forge relationships that will shape their future endeavors.



INsulet co. field visit

Our members greeted with a warm welcome by Insulet CO. at their global headquarters in Acton, MA. Operations specialists at Insulet allowed members to tour it's manufacturing facility that spans 26 acres wide. Members are able to observe the step-by-step production of Insulet's flagship product, the Omnipod.


Tuscan Brands Field Visit

Tuscan Brands recently acquired Artisan chef Manufacturing, a food production facility located in Lawrence, MA. Tuscan Brands COO and CFO guided our members through an in-depth tour around the 145,000 facility. We observed the process of high-end food production along with the utilization of competitive commercial machinery to enhance manufacturing efficiency.

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