Stonehill FMA Stock Market Challenge

Each year, our FMA chapter challenges students interested in the financial markets to participate in a portfolio management competition using primarily equities.  Students interested in the competition join a stock market simulation that monitors, tracks and measures performance of securities bought and sold by the student managers.


The competition has very specific rules that attempt to mirror what professionals can and can not do. The program is also designed to stimulate interest in the Stonehill College Investment Finance Initiative (SCIFI), a special full year academic program designed to teach investment analysis, valuation, portfolio management and performance measurements.  Students admitted into the program also participate in the management of the Mary Herlihy Opportunity Fund.

The player with the greatest gains for the challenge period is awarded the Devin Cup and the top three players receive prizes for their efforts.

The Devin Family Cup

Recognizing The Winner Of The Stonehill College
FMA Stock Market Challenge


This award is named in honor of William Devin ’60, P’88 for his generous support of the Stonehill College Chapter of the Financial Management Association International.  During his 30-year career at Fidelity Investments, he held numerous positions, including Executive Vice President of Fidelity Capital Markets and Vice President & Head Trader/Manager in the Equity Trading Department at Fidelity Management & Research Co.   Mr. Devin was also Vice Chair of the Boston Stock Exchange from 1985 through 1996.

FMA Stock Market Challenge 2020

1st Place: Richie Ryan

2nd Place: Isabel Keohane

3rd Place: Logan Stark

Total Returns: $21,295

Total Returns: $17,998

Total Returns: $16,311

*Note: challenge starts with $100,000 Net Worth*

 Recent Winners

2016-17       Alex Demeule         

2017-18       Jason Chenevert

2018-19       Alex Demeule


Rules of the Stonehill FMA Stock Market Challenge:

  1. Minimum Holding Period:  48 Hours after purchase

  2. Minimum Number of Securities: 15

  3. Must have 90% invested at all times

    • Only up to 10% in cash in money market funds

  4. No shorting of stocks/funds allowed

  5. Balanced fund investments are not allowed (contain fixed income)

  6. Equity-only ETFs and Mutual Funds are allowed

  7. No leveraged ETFs

  8. No derivatives securities allowed

  9. IPOs can only be bought on the third trading day

  10. Minimum stock price: $2

  11. Maximum stock price: $5,000

  12. Violation of these rules or where the committee agrees that a tactic was in violation of the spirit of the event will result in disqualification and ineligibility for any prizes.


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